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Handling Flexible Working Requests
15th Sep 2020
The impact of the current pandemic has resulted in many employees having to work flexibly.  While there are many employees that are eager to return to the workplace, many have...
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Local Lockdown
31st Aug 2020
Local lockdowns Many companies have been in the process of bringing their employees back to work from furlough as lockdown restrictions continue to relax.  As we’ve re...
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Dealing with quarantine restrictions
26th Aug 2020
In recent weeks we have seen the government have announced changes to quarantine rules for those returning to the UK, which requires them to self-isolate for two weeks upon return....
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Making Employees Redundant While Still on Furlough
14th Jul 2020
Last Friday (10th July 2020), the HMRC issued some further changes to its guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS). The main change for employers to be aware of is t...
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Workplace wellbeing - Getting to the ‘core’ of employee absence
1st Jul 2020
Guest Blog written by Laura Bryan the Founder of Mind Nourishing “All disease starts in the gut”- Hippocrates. Although made over 2000 years ago, there is a dept...
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Working From Home – Is This the New Normal?
26th Jun 2020
Six months ago, ‘Zoom’ was a word used by camera enthusiasts or by a toddler to explain how fast a toy car moved. ‘Working from home’ generally meant taking...
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Guest Blog - Covid Secure Workplace
22nd Jun 2020
Guest Blog by Cherie Coughlan (Managing Director) of Coregenic  If you are planning on reopening your business, Coregenic can provide you with help and advice.  After ma...
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Redundancies – The Small Business Guide
22nd Jun 2020
If you are reading this blog you are likely to be a small business owner faced with the difficult situation of needing to reduce staffing levels.  Making someone redundant is ...
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When should a business consider outsourced HR?
10th Jun 2020
In these unprecedented times, it is even more important that businesses receive the correct advice regarding people management and support.   An outsourced HR partner cou...
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Staggered Withdrawal of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
1st Jun 2020
We love how the Chancellor likes to make his detailed announcements at 5pm on a Friday! However, we will forgive him as there was a small piece of good news for employers.  T...
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Furlough Exit Strategy
1st May 2020
The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is set to end on 30th June and there is no news yet as to whether the scheme will be extended by the government.    Employers th...
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Making a successful claim under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
21st Apr 2020
There are inconsistencies between the Government Guidance (updated on 17 April 2020) and the Treasury Direction dated 15 April 2020 additionally the guidance has been updated a num...
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Working from home – how to get it right
16th Apr 2020
For many businesses’ working from home may be a completely new concept. Others will be seeing the numbers of employees that work from home increase significantly in light of ...
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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Updated Guidance
6th Apr 2020
HMRC have issued further guidance on the new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme this weekend for employers and employees.  This is the third update to the guidance documents whi...
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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
23rd Mar 2020
Following the Chancellor’s announcement on about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, employers are keen to find out how to access the support.  At this point very litt...
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Managing Sickness Absence
24th Feb 2020
Long-term sickness absence is usually defined as a period of continuous absence of more than four weeks. When an employee is off sick for a long time, it can often feel like you&rs...
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The Good Work Plan: UK Employment Law is changing
29th Jan 2020
Have you heard of the Good Work Plan yet? While it may not be familiar to you just yet, it is set to affect almost every business in the country when its policies start to come int...
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Taking on your first employee
5th Jul 2019
Taking on your first employee can be really exciting but if you haven't had to think about issues such as employment law before it can be daunting! Here are our top tips to help yo...
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Holiday Management
17th May 2019
Managing Holidays The majority of us look forward to the sunny weather, school holidays and the chance of a well-earned break. For many employers the holiday season can be a bit o...
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Extreme Weather and Working
2nd Mar 2018
Unless you have been lucky enough to be on holiday in warmer climates you will have experienced the recent bad weather. Many employers do not have a Policy to cover this as situat...
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Employment Tribunals
4th Oct 2017
No-one is surprised that the number of tribunal applications has increased since the abolition of fees. This article from HR Magazine is an interesting read and explains why the fu...
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Employment law changes for 2018
4th Oct 2017
30th March 2018 Gender pay gap reporting for public sector employers Public sector employers must publish first reports before this date (with a snapshot date of 31 March 2017). ...
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