Food & Drink

HR Support for the food and drink industry

✓ SEDEX Audits
✓ Food Safety Training
✓ Mass and specialist recruitment
✓ Agency labour management

The food and drink industry is not without it's challenges! Thankfully, we have over 40 years of HR experience in the food and drink sector at your disposal.

We understand the complexities within the food and drink industry including employee turnover, skills shortages and the challenges of attracting and retaining employees on lower salaries.

We have extensive experience of mass recruitment ahead of peak production as well as managing agency labour for fast-paced environments.

Supporting our clients with ethical audit preparation, an essential requirement to supply many of the major food retailers, is also a service we provide.

Our team has a solid track record of HR within the food manufacturing sector and its supply chain and this experience will translate directly to you.

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