HR is a core strategic business function;
a proactive approach will protect your business and enhance the performance of your greatest asset, your people.

We offer a range of services including Retained Support, Ad-hoc Support and Online Training to provide a positive approach to HR that are tailored to you, your business, your staff and your business objectives.

HR for Start-ups

If you are a start-up business, or are just getting ready to take on your first employees or associates, you need to ensure that you have contracts and policies in place that protect you, and the other parties.

In addition to ensuring that your enterprise is legally compliant, these policies explicitly set expectation from the outset for both parties. Typically, but not exclusively, these policies might include:

  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Termination and notice periods
  • Holiday and holiday pay
  • Business expenses
  • Health and safety
  • Attendance and punctuality
  • Maternity and paternity
  • Use of internet and social media
  • Equal opportunities
  • GDPR

Recruitment Support

We can help you to attract and source the right employees to compliment your team.

✓ Benchmarking
✓ Advertising
✓ Sourcing and screening
✓ Interview support
✓ Cost effective solutions


We are committed to providing comprehensive recruitment support to our clients. We understand that finding and attracting top talent can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and we aim to alleviate these burdens by offering a range of services tailored to meet our clients' specific needs.

We utilise a variety of sourcing methods, including targeted job postings, professional networking platforms, and industry-specific channels.

Throughout the entire recruitment process, we maintain open and transparent communication with our clients, keeping them informed of our progress and seeking their feedback to continually refine our approach.