Guest Blog - Covid Secure Workplace

Guest Blog by Cherie Coughlan (Managing Director) of Coregenic 

If you are planning on reopening your business, Coregenic can provide you with help and advice.  After many months in lockdown some non-essential businesses in England and Wales can now reopen. 

As a business you must carry out a risk assessment to demonstrate that you are COVID-19 secure and will keep your customers safe.  It is essential to maintain your staff and
customers confidence as the lockdown restrictions are being eased and workplaces are returning to work.
The Government has released a number of guidance documents on how different sectors can work safely during coronavirus, as well as an up-to date list of businesses allowed to open and those that must remain closed.  There is separate guidance available for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
COVID-19 is still a risk to your business and you must do everything you can to keep your staff and customers safe.  You can check out our guide to carrying out a risk assessment to remain compliant with health and safety legislation and our health and safety checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything out whilst preparing to return to work.
Health and Safety Procedures
You should also review your health and safety procedures to ensure they are suitable and sufficient.  Your procedures are going to be vital reassurance to your customers.  Staff must be made aware of new procedures  you have put in place to reopen your business e.g. social distancing, use of necessary PPE etc.
COVID-19 Secure Workplace
The COVID-19 Return to Work risk assessment will reassure your customers that you are following government guidelines.  Health and Safety England offers a COVID-19 secure certificate which you can print off, sign and display within your premises to show that you have complied with government guidance such as completing the risk assessment, implementing social distancing in the workplace, enhancing cleaning and managing the risk off transmission.
Communicate your plans regarding reopening with you staff and customers.  This can be done through social media platforms, your company website, or posters displayed in your premise’s windows.  Having a clear plan for reopening will give your customers and clients  confidence that you are fully prepared to reopen.
Clear communication about any changes to your business opening hours or days is important so that your customers and clients can plan their visits to you accordingly.   Consistent messaging will help to reassure your customer and clients, remember this pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone, so be kind, empathic and supportive in any advertising material.
Remain Flexible
If you have had to adapt your business and implement new services as a result of COVID-19 such as online services, offering deliveries, collection service etc.  it would be great if these options can remain in place to provide flexibility during the transition of reopening fully.  Customers and clients may be hesitant to visit your premises in person so providing options to them will help your business.
Government Guidelines
To ensure that you remain compliant with the latest government advice you should regularly check the GOV.UK website  and the HSE website for the latest health and safety information, guidance documents and advice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in your business, including your customers and clients.
For more advice and guidance on how to ensure your business is COVID-19 secure including help with risk assessments, access to printable posters and useful checklists and information documents contact Coregenic on 01792 323404 or email [email protected] for more information.