Holiday Management

Managing Holidays

The majority of us look forward to the sunny weather, school holidays and the chance of a well-earned break. For many employers the holiday season can be a bit of a nightmare. Particularly for those businesses who do not have a planned closure.

Below are our top tips for managing these busy periods without impacting your business.

1. Annual Leave Policy

Having a structured annual policy in place is the first rule for managing annual leave fairly.

This should cover:

  • How staff apply for time off.
  • The amount of notice staff are required to give you.
  • What you’ll do if two employees want the same time off.
  • The maximum amount of leave an employee can take in one go

Some other considerations to think about are:

  • Will you operate on statutory holidays or offer more as an enhanced benefit?
  • Will holidays increase with length of service?
  • Do you want to restrict holidays during peak periods of business activity?
  • Consider how many employees will be allowed to take leave together at one time

2. Managing Multiple Requests

Think about how you’ll handle a situation where two employees want the same time off.

You might decide to prioritise the employee that requested annual leave first. (First Come, First Served Basis).

Another option to make sure the same people don’t always get the main summer weeks off, consider a rotating system. List all of your employees and let those at the top request holidays first. Next year, let the people at the bottom choose first. This will give everyone a chance to get the days off that they want—and reduce any headache for you.

3. Plan Ahead

Do not leave the planning of holidays until the last minute. Ensure you plan ahead, respond to holiday requests and put a plan for cover into place.

4. Keep Records

Another simple one, but one that’s easily missed by busy departments. Ensure that you have an effective holiday management system to record holidays. This may be a diary, a spreadsheet, your time and attendance system or part of your HR software package.

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