Men's Health Week 2022

This year, Men’s Health Week is running from 13th to 19th of June 2022. This year’s theme is ‘time for your Man MOT’. You may be wondering what a Man MOT is... it isn't just cars that need an MOT once in a while!

Over the last two years, the pandemic has distracted people from checking themselves for more serious conditions and has dissuaded many from visiting their GP with any concerns. Because of this, Macmillan believe that around 50,000 people have missed a cancer diagnosis during this time. As part of Men’s Health Week, men are being encouraged to check themselves over, just like you would your car! and take notice of what’s going on in their bodies and minds to get themselves back on the road.

So, what is the Men’s Health Week Man MOT?

The Man MOT is a quick and easy health check that can be carried out at home. It is easy to access at any time!

What message should employers be delivering to male employees this Men’s Health Week?

  • Encourage them to take notice of their body and mind and to carry out the DIY Man MOT.
  • Make sure that they are aware of the resources available to them. The Man MOT manuals, for the mind and the body and websites such as the NHS webpage and Men’s Health Forum have a wealth of information on a variety of men’s health topics that employees can read whenever they wish.
  • Direct employees to services that can help them such as an NHS Health Check or NHS 111 if they are concerned about any symptoms.
  • Break the stigma and start the conversation. Inspire men to begin talking about their mental and physical health and help them to gain the confidence they need to take the first step to looking after their overall wellbeing.

Why employers should make Men’s Health Week a focus in their organisation.

  • There has always been a stigma around Men’s health. Men are often reluctant to get any symptoms checked out by their GP and evidence suggests that men have lower levels of health literacy than women. Creating a safe space for your employees to talk and be open about any issues that might be worrying them will remind them that you are an advocate for their wellbeing and are there to support them with any concerns they may have.
  • Raising awareness this Men’s Health Week will encourage your male employees to make small changes to their daily routines to live a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s increasing daily steps, changing their diet or taking more time to rest and recoup. Taking steps to invest in their wellbeing may help to reduce the risks of them developing physical or mental problems, and in turn reduce the number of absences across your organisation.
  • Early detection is key! By participating in Men’s Health Week, you are increasing the chances that one of your male employees might detect an issue that they might not have been aware of, had you not taken the time to promote the importance of checking themselves over.

How can you get involved?

A Men’s Health Week resource pack can be found here, why not put posters up throughout your Organisation? Or perhaps organise some fun activities throughout the week to raise awareness such as a lunchtime walk or even a football match. Encourage your employees to get talking about men’s health to remove the stigma. Eliminating shame and increasing health literacy in men is crucial. Every individual effort helps, even if you help just person in your organisation... that's better than none!