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Welsh HR Firm Celebrates the Creation of Over 120 Work Placements

As the Kickstart Scheme draws to a close this month, Bridgend-based HR consultancy and scheme gateway provider, Highfield HR reflects on the success of the scheme that has helped firms in South Wales secure funding to create jobs for 16-24-year-olds. 

Launched in 2020, the Kickstart Scheme, is part of a programme providing £2billion of financial supporting small businesses through the Coronavirus pandemic, and helping young people currently receiving universal credit, into employment.

Highfield has helped over 80 employers from a variety of sectors including healthcare, hospitality, construction and creative arts through the scheme, enabling them to receive the necessary support including help with the initial application process and securing approval for over 120 placements. 

As a gateway provider, the Highfield team has also given limitless recruitment support to each firm, to help them find the perfect candidate to meet the requirements of the role and fit with their company values.  Once in role, the team at Highfield HR then supported clients with any necessary training and development, ensuring that both parties got the most out of placement.

“We are extremely pleased with The Kickstarter Initiative. It has enabled us to give a few young people the opportunity to learn new skills and realise their potential,” said Paul Gwilyn, CEO of Boomerang Cardiff, “We have since employed some of these young people once their 6-month placement finished as they were just too good to let go! We would also like to thank Highfield HR, who has supported us from start to finish always being on hand for advice and guidance. Overall, a 10/10 initiative.”

Leanne Yau, Director of Highfield Human Resources said,

“It has been a pleasure to work with and support Paul and the team at Boomerang with the Kickstart Scheme. We have managed to find them some superb candidates and are so pleased that the individuals have grown into fantastic assets to Paul’s team, so much so that he has offered them positions after their 6-month placement has ended. Employers like Paul who joined the scheme looking to give young people a chance, helping them to gain new skills and getting them back into work are the reason the scheme has been such a success”

As the scheme has recently closed, it is an apt time to reflect on the success that the scheme has been for all the 80 firms that have benefitted from extra workers at no cost to their business.  By helping to bridge the gap between employment and skills, the scheme has opened doors and created fantastic opportunities for young people and allowed businesses to get back on their feet after the pandemic.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better placement. The team at Highfield has supported me and built my confidence, as well as supplying me with transferable skills, it opened my eyes to a sector I hadn’t considered working in before. The comfort I felt from having a secure, dependable role for a guaranteed six months after a period of enormous uncertainty, cannot be overstated.” – Felicia Llewellyn, Kickstart Placement