Recruitment in the Social Media Age: How Can Businesses Win the Talent War?

The number of job vacancies in the UK significantly increases every year, and this year is no exception. Many individuals are either seeking new roles, new companies or a complete change of sector which may have been induced by Covid-19. According to the office of national statistics, job vacancies within the UK have hit an all-time high, this has meant recruitment is at the forefront for attracting and recruiting the best talent.

Social media has led to the disruption of many traditional organisational processes, one of which is recruitment. As technology advances, so does the business world around it. Job applications and CVs are easily submitted from the comfort of a phone or laptop. Meetings, interviews and conferences are easily accessible from the click of a button.

The advancement of the social media age has ensured that businesses can hold a greater online presence. Gone are the times of a simple job advert, modern recruiters now utilise online tools and processes to attain and attract the best talent in the market.

How can social media recruitment help innovate your recruitment process?

As social media platforms evolve and develop, they have become a pivotal tool for recruiters. Recruiters are now starting to look at different possibilities in which they can extend the services they provide through social media. Social media recruitment can help businesses; 

  •  Connect with more talent. advertising vacancies on social media platforms will allow businesses to reach not only those actively looking for a new opportunity, but also those who aren't. Individuals passively scrolling through social media might decide to apply on the basis that they are attracted to and feel they suit both the role and the organisation. 
  •  Save money on hiring (and time!) the cost for recruiting via social media will definitely be lower than other hiring methods. Although still not cheap, the increased job visibility will save recruiters time as well as money throughout the hiring process - making it the more efficient option for businesses and employers. 
  •  Increase engagement. individuals connecting with job adverts are also connecting with the business itself. Social media recruitment can not only to help reach exceptional talent to fill roles but also to showcase the business and organisation, and engage with new followers and even potential customers! 

Studies have found that social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are the most popular tools currently being used by recruiters to search and post job vacancies for possible candidates, with 91% of employers now using social media for recruitment. 

What tools are you currently utilising within your business to recruit?

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