Working from home – how to get it right

For many businesses’ working from home may be a completely new concept. Others will be seeing the numbers of employees that work from home increase significantly in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic. So how should working from home be managed and what steps should be taken by businesses and employees when considering this option?

Employers still have a duty of care and are responsible for the health and safety of their employees even when they are working at home. 


Employers should therefore consider the following:

  • Can the work you are asking employees to do from home be done safely? Reasonable adjustments will need to be made for employees with disabilities.
  • Health and safety risk assessments should normally be carried out at the employee’s home, you could therefore request that employees complete a workstation assessment. 
  • Ensure employees have the correct equipment to enable them to work at home.
  • Do you have the right insurance to protect employees and business equipment at their home?
  • Consider who will provide IT support and how this will be administered.
  • Data protection rules must be considered. How will employees comply with these regulations whilst at home?
  • How will you keep in touch with team members and at what frequency?
  • How will targets be set?
  • How will performance be managed?
  • How will you keep your employees motivated?
  • How will you ensure employees are complying with the law regarding working hours?
  • Is the employee looking after children? If so, consider whether their working hours should be adjusted, or deadlines relaxed?
  • How will you manage anxious employees?


Employees should:

  • Inform their employer of any health and safety issues they may have at home.
  • Check with their home insurer and mortgage company/landlord that there are no restrictions preventing them from working from home.
  • Ensure they take regular breaks to comply with the law regarding working hours.
  • Keep in regular contact with the Business.

If you require advice contact [email protected]